Patience Corners Christmas Quilt – Finished

This is my latest quilt finish–my Christmas Patience Corners Quilt.  Last night I put the last of the stitches in the binding.
Christmas Patience Corners
See this post back in 2010 for details about this quilt:
Yes that is the resident quilt inspector perched up there on top of the quilt.  I barely got the quilt on the bed and he was up there inspecting it.
By the way, the headboard on the bed is new–made by my husband.  It is nice to have a proper place for the clock radio, and my books.  The new headboard was necessary to keep the pillows from getting pushed between the headboard and the mattress.
This is a close up of the quilting–Swirls (using the Circle Lord templates).
Before leaving for my Arizona holiday in November, I finished quilting LindaJ’s ( Patience Corners quilt and had it in the mail back to her.  It was a lot of fun quilting Linda’s quilt as I recognized the fabrics in her quilt that had come from my collection.

5 thoughts on “Patience Corners Christmas Quilt – Finished

  1. I thought that looked familiar at the bottom, LOL. THX to your long arming we both have our quilts on the bed! Yeah us!

    Is the headboard what your hubby had been working on so diligently out in the shop that he declared off limits??? Or you have another surprise waiting next week?

  2. I really like this quilt pattern – a great way to showcase some favorite fabrics or theme! Love your headboard too! We have bookcase headboards in Austria too, but the bottom bookcase starts sooo low that your pillows go into it – I hate that! Yours looks like the perfect height for propping up the pillows to read! Cheers! Evelyn

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