Birthday Lunch

IMG_0368Today was the annual Christmas lunch for our Tuesday Quilting Group.  Many years ago when my daughter was small and participating in Rhythmic Gymnastics on Tuesday nights, I joined a small local group of quilters.  I passed the time quilting with friends while my daughter spent her time with her friends at Gymnastics.  As quilters, we never gave ourselves a fancy name–we just called ourselves the Tuesday Night Quilters.  We always met at Dot’s house.  The friendships grew over the years and eventually all of the members of this group were retired (except for me) and not wanting to go out or drive so much in the evenings any more.  The group changed to a Tuesday Day Group and continued to meet at Dot’s house.  Although I don’t make it to the meetings any more because the girls meet during the day while I am at work, they still include me in the annual Christmas lunch/dinner.  This year, because we were meeting for our Christmas lunch just days after my birthday, the girls arranged for a birthday cake.   prechristmas2012 004What a great way to spend a birthday–surrounded by quilting friends!

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