Fall Rail Fence – Quilted

The strategy of loading the Fall Rail Fence quilt last weekend so that I could make passes on the long arm as I had a few minutes during the week seems to have worked.  I finished the quilting on this one Friday night.  

The quilting pattern is called, Swirls.

This is the backing.  I love the trees and bright background on this one.

I now need a strategy to get the binding attached!

1 thought on “Fall Rail Fence – Quilted

  1. Wow—doesn’t that look cool! I love the backing too.

    You think if wishing made it so the binding would be on? I had thought my weekend would include binding the bowtie QOV but instead I had to push through a donation quilt AND bind it for a very sick little boy that is neighbor’s to one of the Belles. I think we should do one for his sister too from what Bev tells me. Hard on the whole family.

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