Ice and Quilt Progress

This morning, we woke up to a layer of freezing rain covering everything.

Although the ice coating on everything is pretty, it is definitely not safe to be driving or walking in this weather.


It was safe to stay inside and quilt though.  🙂

By 11:00 pm, I had finished making all the blocks for the Got Stripes quilt – with the exception of one.  I was short a green background strip.  I need to cut some green background  pieces to finish the last block and to replace some pieces in a block that is already pieced into the quilt top.  I made the mistake of reversing one piece of background fabric–front for back so I will need to do some reverse sewing.   

I also finished the binding on my Fire Escape quilt.  After finishing the binding, I spread the quilt out over the table to take a picture. 

A picture without the flash shows the colours of the quilt to be a little closer to reality and shows the swirl quilting design a little better.

3 thoughts on “Ice and Quilt Progress

  1. From the angle with the light off the deck (at least I think it is the deck, LOL) you can really see the quilting! Love the colors in the quilt and that black adds just the right amount of POW. Hurray for a finish!

    I bet you are really close to a finish on the Got Stripes as well if that block is fixed and all the rows are joined.

    Now we gear up for Popsicle Sticks! I still say the stripe block looks a whole lot like the PopStix.

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