First Sockeye of the Season

Sockeye season is open here in BC! We have not had a sports fisherman Sockeye opening for 4 years so this is a momentous occasion!

We love barbecued salmon, so to celebrate the opening, we had some fresh Sockeye on the grill.

My husband is the official chef when it comes to cooking fish.
Yummy! We tried a new recipe this time that used peaches in the grilling process.

There were a lot of smiles around this table!

3 thoughts on “First Sockeye of the Season

  1. It sounds delish! I know some don’t like fruit with meat but I do, LOL.

    Great idea, putting it in the foil packet to grill. I would guess that it gets you past the sticking issue. Can you tell me how long Harold grills it and does he have to flip the packet?

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