Colour Catcher String Flimsy

This is a picture of my latest flimsy finish – another Colour Catcher String quilt.

I have been using used Colour Catchers as string block foundations for some time now. Between other projects or when I am in a creative slump and I can’t come up with anything else to work on, I mindlessly piece strings to the Colour Catcher foundations.

I usually get stuck on the borders of a quilt. I was busy watching old re-runs of “I Love Lucy” on Friday night while I worked on the borders of this quilt. Before I knew it, I had a finished flimsy. A little laughter at the timeless comedy antics of Lucy and Desi made me forget how boring I find attaching bindings. This quilt will be a perfect utility quilt for the winter when we are looking for an extra quilt on the bed.

This top now measures 97″ x 104″.

I love the lime green border fabric. Lime green is my favorite colour and I couldn’t resist using this fabric as the cornerstones and border to set off these colourful blocks.

8 thoughts on “Colour Catcher String Flimsy

  1. Quite the fabric collection in those blocks, Norma. Both the fun green and the black set it off just right. Good thing you found the black in its hiding place.

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