Using up Scraps and Strings

I am determined to use up every last string and scrap in my studio! To that end, I have been continuing to work on these string scrappy chevron Log Cabin blocks. I have finished 74 – 9.5 inch blocks so far. By my calculations, I need 11 more of these blocks to make a large queen or king sized quilt top.

I have also been working on a new scrap block (like the block to the right in the photo below). These blocks are fast to make and are great to make when you want to use up those strata trimmings left from all those other projects. I find that if I use Ellen’s Best Press on the block when I am finished piecing, I can flatten out those bulky seams so they are super flat and ensure a perfectly square block once trimmed.
This picture shows what a group of nine blocks might look like if they were pieced together without any sashing.
I am determined to leave no string or scrap behind!

8 thoughts on “Using up Scraps and Strings

  1. Good luck with that! I was determined to just keep up with mine this year and started out with working on string blocks each Tuesday but this last month has been busy and I haven’t stuck with it. I create additional strings too fast to ever think I can use all of mine up.

  2. It looks like you are making very good progress using up all your scarps.
    I was was looking back a few few posts I had missed….I dddddo like your lovely set up for your quilting and your long arm. Wow that looks such a lovely workplace.

  3. Love seeing your quilts. I found you via the Stash Quilts blog ring…but you are a dead end! You need to put the link on your page so we can continue our travels….

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