Table Topper Flimsies, 60 Degree Angels, and IIWII

Last weekend was not that productive in the quilting area as I would have liked. However, I did manage to finish a lilac table topper for myself to the flimsy stage. This was a project that I started a year ago. I also finished one of these toppers for my Mom and my Aunt–only they got their table toppers over a year ago!

Hopefully, it won’t take me another year to get this one quilted for myself!

The colours don’t photograph as true as they are in real life. The purple in the lilacs is looking a little blue–you will have to take my word for it–those lilacs are really purple!

This next topper was a disappointment. My mom found this cute watermelon fabric while we were in Oregon last May. I found a pattern called, Wagon Wheels by Stitchin’ Friends of IA that I thought would be perfect for this fabric.

I can tell you with certainty that I will never be making this pattern again! I am fed up with 60 degree angles, templates, and trying to get things to match up where they are supposed to. Some patterns are better left on the designer’s studio floor and should never make it to the cute little plastic bag hanging on the hook in the quilt shop stage. Don’t get me wrong, some designers know how to design and publish great patterns. One designer in particular who you can trust is Terry Atkinson of Atkinson Designs. Terry tests her patterns before publication on “real quilters”. IMHO, this is a designer that not only knows what she is doing, but is interested in repeat sales of new designs and patterns to quilters who have previously purchased her products.

One of the FABs challenged us to include some things in our “bucket list” this year that we would like to try or conquer. I have not committed my bucket list to paper – partially because I may actually have to deliver on those items and partly because if I decide I don’t like something, I can just abandon it and deny that it ever was a bucket list item. However, that same FAB has known of my triangle phobia for some time and has encouraged me to try different piecing methods in order to conquer my fear of triangles. I am wondering if piecing all these 60 degree angles counts towards piecing triangles. Maybe I should quickly add this to my bucket list so I can just as quickly strike it off that list! LOL

I started the first triangle piece of this topper in the morning, got so frustrated with the piecing technique described in the pattern and quickly abandoned the project for the day. As I hate to waste anything, I headed back down to the studio in the evening and decided that IIWII (it is what it is) and I finished it. So, here it is with all its imperfections. I am sure once it is quilted I will be able to find a home for it. Lucky for me I have fabric leftover and I can make another topper in a “friendlier” pattern.

Come to think of it, I should add IIWII to my bucket list and then I can strike two things off the list!

4 thoughts on “Table Topper Flimsies, 60 Degree Angels, and IIWII

  1. Oh I love the way you think, Norma! Heck yes, strike this stuff off the quilting bucket list. I can see where the 60 degrees stuff could be maddening but add the poor instructions etc to the top of that—oh my! It IS cute and with all that busy watermelon fabric how would you know if the stuff may not quite match. IIWII, right? Stick something on top of it on the table and you won’t see the center or whatever is bothering you about it much. Surely you weren’t making 3 of these with that pattern?

  2. I like the watermelon table topper even if it was a PITA! and definitely add then check 60 degree triangles off your Bucket List~it counts 🙂

    Lilacs are one of my fav flowers and the table topper is so pretty.

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