Cat Table Toppers

I finished off the binding on two table toppers tonight.

Both toppers are made from cat fabrics that my aunt fell in love with when we were fabric shopping in Fabric Depot last year.

This is the first topper – a spiderweb design.

Have a look at the cute kittens and puppies on the fabric that is on the back.

I was originally just making one topper but I had enough fabric leftover that I could make a second topper.

And more of those cute cats on the back.

7 thoughts on “Cat Table Toppers

  1. If she loved the fabric when she bought it, she is going to love it any more now that she can display it in her home! Can’t beat the hand delivery that they are doing to get either. Done with that binding with time to spare.

  2. They are darling. I got a new sewing machine to start a quilt with, got it threaded and started. Next time I threaded the bobbin could not get it threaded again. Losing my eyesight. Any ideas other than medical to thread the needle?

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