Reflecting Back on 2008 and Goals for 2009

I can’t believe that we are at the last day of the year already. It seems like only yesterday that I was writing a similar post reflecting back on 2007. Here we are a full year later.

By my tally, I finished 21 projects this year. Out of these 21 projects, 16 were either gifted to others or donated to charities. I also finished a further 10 projects to the flimsy stage. I also finished 21 projects in 2007 so 21 must be my number.

One of the projects I finished this year was from my “Top 12 Projects I Wanted to Finish for 2007” list. Only 4 projects remain unfinished from that original 2007 list: Patience Corners, Bluework BOM Snowmen blocks, the Simple Cross quilt, and the Snowman Courthouse Steps quilt.

Because it is important to me to document my projects, I like to list my finishes for the year so here are my lists.

Projects Finished in 2008:

1. Mexico Strings – donated to Pam’s Mexico Project

2. Green Double Four Patch – gifted to AA for her 65th birthday

3. Tulip Spiral Table Topper in purple

4. Small St. Patrick’s Day Spiral Table Topper – gifted to my Mom

5. Tulip Spiral Table Topper in green – gifted to my Mom

6. 2008 We Care Quilt – donated to PieceMakers’ We Care Project

7. Sunflower Convergence – gifted to my Mom

8. Quilt as You Sew Courthouse Steps – gifted to Uncle Aaron on his 80th birthday

9. Hibiscus Convergence

10. Dryer Sheet Strings

11. Merkitty 9 Patch Pizzazz for Mexico – donated to Pam’s Mexico Project

12. Lilac Table Topper #1 – gifted to AA

13. Lilac Table Topper #2 – gifted to my Mom

14. FAB Challenge Table Topper – gifted to Cher

15. Charm Party Tote – gifted to AA for Christmas

16. All About Halloween

17. Quilts From the Heart Quilt Show Challenge

18. Crib size Flannel Scrappy Nine Patch – donated to Community Services fund raiser

19. Christmas Stack’N Whack – (from my 2007 Top 12 Projects I Want To Finish list) gifted to my Mom for Christmas

20. My DH’s Fish Quilt – gifted to DH

21. St. Patrick’s Day table runner – gifted to Pam

Flimsies Finished in 2008:

1. Christmas Bargello

2. Crayon Box

3. Fall Warm Wishes

4. Poppy 4 – Patch Stacked Posies

5. Tiger Lily BQ2

6. Criss-Cross Apple-Sauce Table Topper

7. Pansy D9P

8. Pansy (made from the Chicken and Egg pattern)

9. Christmas D9P

10. Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

My Goals for 2009:

My goals for 2008 are very similar to what my goals for 2007 were. If you read back to my list for 2007 you will see much of it repeated here. My goals for 2007 reflect very much where my quilting continues to be in 2008 and so the goals hold for 2009.

1. To continue to work towards eliminating my UFOs, even if they are just moving to the flimsy stage.

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions in the traditional sense of the word, but I do like to set goals for myself. Last year I wanted to focus on reducing my UFOs. I don’t seem to be on target for meeting this goal as only 2 of the projects that I finished this year were UFOs at the beginning of the year. Although, I did not make much progress in finishing UFOs this year, I did manage to finish all projects started in 2008 to at least the flimsy stage with one exception–1 project started in 2008 remains in the pieces stage. This may seem like I have fallen short of my goal of reducing my number of UFOs, but in reality since I have not further added to my UFO list in great numbers, I have succeeded in changing my behaviour. Two years ago, it was hard for me to finish anything, now i am finishing projects that I start. This is progress. I will continue to work at finishing those projects on my UFO list. One year, I will be able to get rid of that list because I will have no more UFOs!

In 2007, I started three projects during the year that remained as UFOs at the end of the year. Of those three projects, 2 have been finished to the flimsy stage in 2008 and the last project will never be completed. I am not happy with that project at all and so I have made the decision that it will end now and will not languish for years of the UFO list.

2. To shop from my stash first.

I do not measure my stash in and out as some of the quilters on this list do. Measuring how much stash comes into my studio and deducting now much stash goes out of my studio by way of finished quilts is too much like inventory tracking for me. I track inventory in my day job and I am not going to start tracking inventory in my hobby!

When I shop from my stash for a new project and I am missing a particular colour to enhance the project, I make a trip to the quilt shop. I am also not saving fabric for “some day”. I actually made some quilt tops from fabrics that I just love and hated to cut into. 2008 was the year that I decided that I could go ahead and use those fabrics to make a quilt because the quilt shops could sell me more wonderful fabrics to replace those that I used! What a concept! 2009 could be the year that I cut into that stash of chicken fabrics that have been aging in their bin waiting for just the right pattern to speak to me. Heavens, there are so many chicken fabrics in that bin, I need to look for several quilt patterns to speak to me!

3. To share my quilting with others by way of giving gifts of quilts to friends and family and by making donations of quilts to charities.

Of course, I only gift my quilts to homes where they will be loved and appreciated. I will not allow my quilts to be taken for granted.

4. To continue to incorporate travelling and quilting together.

I enjoyed meeting some of my on-line quilting friends in person in 2008. In 2009, I am looking forward to meeting more of my on-line quilting friends and I am looking forward to a FAB quilting weekend – in person! Some of the FAB members have been quilting together through the Internet for some time now. 2009 will be the year that the FABs quilt physically in the same location for a FABulous retreat!

5. To keep quilting fun!

8 thoughts on “Reflecting Back on 2008 and Goals for 2009

  1. ME ME~~~~ she said waving her hand high in the air…Me, Me,…I fit right into your #3 Goal for 2009…I would NEVER take a quilt for granted…and never met a quilt I didn’t love (or at least like)

    Me…Me…she said jumping up and down …Me, Me…I fit right into your #4 Goal for 2009!!!

    Happy New Year Ms. Norma…here’s to ’09~the year of the FAB!


  2. Like Pam, the most important item listed, (for me) is #3. I love your confidence, and I too will adopt this attitude. I will not let my quilts be taken for granted. As I give all my quilts away, I will ensure from henceforth, they will only go to family who appreciates my work. Thank-you for these words, and Happy 2009.

  3. You’ve done an awesome job in 2008 – you have so many finished projects. And I just love your goals – I too have gotten better about finishing what I start, and am still working on finishing up those old projects. Happy New Year and good luck with your goals.

  4. Wow, you accomplished so very much. Happy New Year! I don’t count stash either…sounds too much like work to me, and too much guilt involved. I just enjoy the process and smiles of the people I give the quilts to.

  5. Great post Norma, I think alot of us have similar goals. I hoping to be a -0- UFOs by the end of 2009 also.
    Great job on finishing so many the past two years. Have a great new year. Hugs, Finn

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