Black & White Bento Box Progress

My son held up this top for me so I could take the picture. He wanted to know if the quilt was for Joey as he could see cats in the quilt. No, this one is not for Joey!

So the center portion of this Black & White Bento Box is now complete. I am now stuck on what borders to add. I had wanted to put two borders on–the first, a red with black dots and the second, a black with white print that was used in the center of the quilt. My favorite print in the quilt is a Loralie Design print with cats:

This print is called Sophistikitties. The only problem with using this as the outer border is that my local quilt shop does not carry this print. I could use a plain black but I am reluctant to do that as plain black fabric picks up and shows every thread and every piece of lint. I intend that this quilt will be used as a lap quilt so I would like something that doesn’t show everything that comes in contact with it quite so much. I find that the black and white prints camouflage the lint a little better than solid black. I have also considered using a bright green as an inner border rather than red.

The possibilities for borders go on and on. This is why I end up stalled on the borders. If I can’t find a suitable black with white print for the border locally, I may end up taking the yardage requirements with me when I head out on my vacation later in January and see what I find on my trip.
For now, this top will sit as a UFO awaiting border decisions and fabric.

11 thoughts on “Black & White Bento Box Progress

  1. Hi,

    I love the quilt and I think Bento Box may be my favorite pattern. I have it on my list to make in solids but haven’t started yet. I recently purchased some of this sophisticates cats from my local quilt shop in Kerrville, Texas, so you might try online and see if they still have it. The site is good luck and I can’t wait to see the finished quilt. You should check out
    as they are doing a black and white plus one color challenge and this would be perfect.

  2. The Bento Box pattern looks really great in the Black and White fabrics. I agree that the Sophistikitties would be a perfect border. It is always nice to have a REASON to shop while on vacation -LOL

    How’s the weather for you? I hear it is a possibility of snow again out your way. Have you had enough??

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