Harrison Mills Quilt Show – October 19

Last Sunday was the Harrison Mills Quilt Show. Harrison Mills is a tiny community. Local quilters are encouraged each year to bring their quilts for display in the community hall over the weekend. Admission fees to the quilt show along with raffle ticket proceeds go to support an annual bursary for a local grade 12 student wishing to pursue post secondary education. This show was great value for $2.00.

This is Ursula’s house quilt. Ursula does our program presentation each month at our Guild meetings.

This is another of Ursula’s quilts.

This quilt also belongs to Ursula.

The hall is small, but these ladies know how to get all of the 100+ quilts displayed.

The blue and yellow quilt on the left belongs to Leslie. Leslie hosts our Monday night quilt group at her house.

The green Warm Wishes quilt on the right is one of mine.

Recognize these quilts? These were two of the five quilts that I displayed at the show this year.

This is another of Leslie’s quilts.

5 thoughts on “Harrison Mills Quilt Show – October 19

  1. thanks for posting the pictures , its so great to see quilts made in other parts of the country/world for me.
    I posted about your blog and this show on mine today!

  2. I was at this quilt show too! It was great, and like you said, a good value at $2. Lots of lovely quilts and variety too. The girls who were serving in the tea room were sweet.

    It was a lovely day for a drive out in the Valley. We spent a couple of hours at the Kilby General Store. Is your Joey any relation to the adorable family of black cats at the store?

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