Quilts in the Valley – Abbotsford Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show

On Saturday, I attended one of the best quilt shows that I have been to in a long time. This show was local–at Tradex in Abbotsford and was sponsored by the Abbotsford Quilters’ Guild.

One of the demos that I attended was on the Disappearing Nine Patch. Many of the quilters on the Internet have been talking about this pattern recently. As FABs we have been discussing this one as well–especially when considering patterns that make up quickly when we are thinking of making donation quilts.

The gal doing the demonstration referred us to two web sites for further information. The first link is of interest if you are using scraps or charm packs to make this pattern: http://snippetsofaquilter.blogspot.com/2007/10/charm-square-quilt.html. The second link of interest that she gave us is useful if you are using strips of fabric rather than squares. This one makes up quite quickly. http://www.myquiltblog.com/nancyrose/4624

These women are at one of the vendor booths. They are all crowded around a table of fabric pieces. You picked out what fabric you wanted – some pieces were 1/2 m and some were closer to a fat quarter in size. Your chosen fabric pieces were then weighed and you paid for your fabric by the pound. One woman commented that it was like going through someone else’s stash. It was great fun!

The quilting on this Stack’N Whack fan quilt was fabulous!

This little quilt would make a cute little table topper. I know of another FAB that likes to make table toppers as much as I do! This one would make up quickly and would showcase a great print.

This quilt is a BQ quilt. I can’t see one of these without thinking of the FABs as this style of quilt makes up quickly and showcases kid friendly prints so well making it a great choice for a donation quilt.

This quilt was a simple pattern made from squares. The success of this quilt was really in the fabrics that were chosen!
This was a Kaffe Fassett inspired quilt. I thought some of my green fabric collection paired up with my growing floral collection could be used to make myself one of these.

I was surprised when I came around the corner and saw this quilt. I quilted this one for one of my customers. I had no idea she was entering it in a show. She even gave me credit on the tag labelling her quilt!

These are pictures of one of the quilts that were made and donated to the Canadian Comfort and Remembrance Project. This project has been endorsed by the Department of National Defense. This is an opportunity to show encouragement, support and care to the seriously wounded and to next-of-kin who have lost soldiers in Canadian forces in overseas missions. Read more about this project here: http://www.picketfencefabrics.com/PFF_CCRP.htm

There was a wonderful display of antique quilts and antique sewing machines as well. Don’t these quilts look wonderful displayed against this beautifully restored pickup truck?

I loved the cabinet that housed this machine.

A wonderful display of toy sewing machines.

This woman was drawing a crowd. Imagine being able to sew by machine anywhere without power!

If you are interested in seeing more quilts that were at this quilt show, follow this link and open the “Abbotsford Quilt Show – May 2008” folder.

9 thoughts on “Quilts in the Valley – Abbotsford Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show

  1. I recognize some of those patterns in the quilt! Some I have even made a time or two.

    How cool to find one of the quilts that you had something to do with. The quilter most definitely should have attributed the quilting to you otherwise she is misrepresenting that she did it all herself.

    I’ll check out the webshots album when I get back from walking–had to wait for the fog to lift a bit. You have been having too much fun, if there is such a thing, lately!

  2. I was delighted to open your website and see photos from the same quilt show that I attended on Saturday morning also!! It was a great show wasn’t it?? I even hunted through that big pile of bulk fabric too!!

  3. What a wonderful quilt show – not only do you get to see quilts, but also a little history with the toy machines, and the ones that don’t need any power, with older quilts, and a truck as well!

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