My Patterns Finally Arrived

I ordered two patterns from my local quilt shop on May 3. The shop called Thursday to say that they were finally in. Whoo hoo! (That is Pamspeak for Yahoo!!!)

The two patterns were, “All About Me” from Atkinson Designs and “Charm Party Tote” from Quiltsillustrated.

This picture is not my quilt, it is from the cover of the “All About Me” pattern. I plan to use my collection of Halloween fabrics to make this quilt.

This is a picture of the tote from the cover of the “Charm Party Tote” pattern. I have 4 Moda charm packs–two from their “A Little Romance” line and two from their “Sonnet” line.

The “A Little Romance Line” is the softest purple/pink/green collection of fabrics. I started on that tote last night. I am determined to stay as close as possible to the directions on this first tote that I am making. I know the next time I make this pattern I will be making some modifications. The pattern lists fifteen 1/2″ buttons in the supplies required, but if it weren’t for the picture of the finished product, you would have no idea there were buttons on this tote. No where in the pattern directions does it mention when these buttons are supposed to be applied or where. I am applying buttons before putting the lining in the bag so I can hide my threads from the back of the buttons. Also, the pattern designer claims their motto is, “No wimpy bags!”. This bag is anything but wimpy if you make it according to the directions in the pattern–there is fusible fleece applied to the front and back of the bag, fusible fleece applied to the lining, fusible fleece applied to the inside and outside pockets. This bag will definitely be able to stand by itself when I a m done with it. Also, there is no closure on this bag. I am thinking of applying one of those magnetic purse closures to the bag this time. I am looking at other purse / bag patterns to see if there is a way that I can apply a zipper if I make this pattern again in the future.

Today, I am taking a break from working on customer quilts. I have been working on the WFC–that is Wacky FAB Challenge. I can’t show pictures as this is totally secret. It is a secret for the person that I am exchanging with and for everyone else. On the agreed upon date (or sooner if everyone is finished ahead of time), all FABs will log online at the same time and open our exchanges. This should be fun. There has been a lot of teasing and hinting going on–but no one is revealing what they are making.

10 thoughts on “My Patterns Finally Arrived

  1. That’s a great quilt pattern, should look lovely with Halloween fabrics. You’ve hit on the problem with so many bag patterns – no zip closure. Sadly, in this day and age, I feel more comfortable with a bag that closes properly.

  2. I made two of this bag, one for DD with the Funky Monkey fabrics, and one for myself with the Allspice Tapestry fabrics. I like the bag a lot, but would make a few changes the next time. I did NOT do the buttons on the ones I made. Next time, I’d either add some sort of a closure on the top or make the bag one row of squares taller. I find that I always feel like my wallet is in danger of falling out of the bag, and that makes me nervous. Yes, taller is definitely a must for the next version of this bag.

  3. Humm – those quilt patterns look perfect for DH’s HUGE pile of Hawaian style shirts that I am so very tired of ironing all the time! Buttons – I JUST learned how to sew buttons on with my sewing machine -whatever was I waiting for? With that many buttons it might be worth trying!


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