Quilting With Friends

On March 1st, A total of 29 quilters came together to make donation quilts for our guild’s We Care program.

We quilted from 9:30 to 3:30. The We Care Committee was extremely organized–as always. When we arrived, tables and chairs were already set up for us. Once we picked our spot, we proceeded to the front of the room where there was a table with our names already printed out on tags. We picked up our name tag and our hostess checked us in on her list. We were able to choose one of two quilt patterns ahead of time and then the committee put together the corresponding number of kits.

I have to show you what the kits looked like. A zip lock back contained everything but the batting and label to make the quilt. Pre-cut batting and labels were available for each of us at the end of the day. Double click on the picture below to see the detailed labels that were on the pre-cut pieces in the kits. This was quilting for dummies–how could you go wrong–the borders, fabric A, fabric B, etc were all labeled with small pieces of paper pinned to the strips. The large dragon fly fabric was my backing.

There were two “model” quilts on display to help us visualize what our finished quilts would look like–this was the first one.

This was the second quilt.

Everyone was busy all day. This hall is a favorite location for our guild workshops as there is lots of light and lots of room.

We broke for lunch, but many ate their lunch and got right back to work. Everyone was enjoying themselves so much, they didn’t want to stop.

By the end of the day, most of the quilters finished their quilts to the flimsy stage and then received assistance from the committee in sandwiching their quilts. It makes it easier to finish the quilting process at home if your quilt is already sandwiched and prepared for quilting when you leave for the day.
This quilter had to leave early so she didn’t have a chance to get her borders on yet.

These are some of the other finished flimsies. The fabric combinations put together by the committee were wonderful.

What a great way to spend a Saturday–quilting with friends!

5 thoughts on “Quilting With Friends

  1. Especially when all the quilts are for charity! Great job everyone!

    Now – where’s a picture of your convergence quilt? I think yours is the only one we haven’t seen.

  2. What a great group – I love working on donation quilts with others but most of the time I’m physically working by myself.

    Love the convergence quilt – your fabrics look great.

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