Confession is Good for the Soul….

Confession is good for the soul…..and great incentive to finish projects! Or, I should say, the thought of having to go on line and confess that once again I was stalled on the borders for a quilt pushed me to the finish line (or at least the flimsy stage) last Friday night.

I expected to hear from LindaJ at some point on the weekend and I was sure she would want to know how I was making out on my Bargello Bowl quilt since she had finished hers on retreat the previous weekend. I had the fabrics picked out for the border, I just had not gone that extra step and attached them. Once I got going, it didn’t take that long, what was the hurdle? I am not sure what was keeping me from attaching those borders, but I do know that I was not going to face confessing that I had not yet finished this project, so I soldiered on and this is the final result–my completed Bargello Bowl flimsy!

This finish was just in time as the FABs are scheduled to tackle a project together–Ricky Tim’s Convergence. We are scheduled to start at 7:00 am Saturday morning. We have agreed that we can go as far as cutting out our 4 – 16″ squares of fabric and that is all! No starting ahead of time–even if it means hiding the pattern so we aren’t tempted!

Who knew that confession and temptation had anything to do with quilting?

12 thoughts on “Confession is Good for the Soul….

  1. your bargello quilt turned out great…my black and gold quilt is currently waiting on borders as I sometimes, too, stall at getting the borders on. I went through a phase where I didn’t add borders…problem solved. done is done. Great Job. Have fun with the FABs and your Ricky Tim’s Convergence quilt!

  2. Your bargello looks great – wonderful colors. The fabric choice for the Convergence quilt look great as well. I look forward to seeing that project.

  3. Have fun working on your project together this morning. Can’t wait to see the quilt tops you all come up with. Take a moment to show us your fabrics, OK?

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