Quilter’s Block

Last weekend I was experiencing Quilter’s Block.

Quilter’s block is a lot like writer’s block–a temporary loss of ability to begin or continue quilting, usually due to a lack of inspiration or creativity.

Last weekend I managed to complete two very small projects:

1. I put the binding on my tulip Spiral table center. I think it goes quite well with the quilt I currently have hanging in the dining room.

2. I made a very small table center for St. Patrick’s Day. This table center is made with the same Spiral pattern as the tulip table center above, just smaller–only one round. This is a picture of the table center at my Mother’s house with her shamrock plant, all ready for March 17th.

So this was the best that I could do last weekend–binding a table topper and making a small table center with the fast turn method (no binding).

3 thoughts on “Quilter’s Block

  1. Hey, quilters block happens to all of us for varying lengths of time. Maybe this sewing was just getting you revved up a bit for the We Cares day yesterday?

    The table topper DOES look gorgeous with the wallhanging you have up. Did you make your mom’s topper reversible so she can flop it over to an Easter motif? I know she loves to decorate for the seasons as much as you do!

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