Colour Catcher Strings II – Flimsy

You can sure tell that summer is on its way out! These pictures were taken on the morning of September 1st. That is fog you are looking at. The pictures are taken from our deck looking over the sports fields behind our house. The day brightened up OK, but at the time of these pictures, you would never have known it!

This was today’s fun. This flimsy is made from colour catcher strings measuring 4″ x 9″ – finished size: 3.5″ x 8.5″. I still have 28 colour catcher string pieces left in the box so I may go back and add another row to this one. I have not decided what to do about borders. I am leaning towards a black border and multicoloured binding (thanks, LJ). The size right now is 52″ x 64″. it is definitely large enough for an average lap size quilt. However, since most of my family members are over 6′ tall, I may add another row and lengthen it a bit.

I plan on showcasing another of my Circle Lord templates in the plain black squares perhaps using a variegated thread. This one will have to sit for a while before it gets quilted….customer quilts are waiting!

15 thoughts on “Colour Catcher Strings II – Flimsy

  1. Your foggy morning looks glorious and . . . cool! I hope such mornings return to us soon.
    Love your new quilt top – Color Catcher is a great way to describe the top as well as the materials *s*

  2. Wow, I love that fog! We get it pretty heavy here sometimes, too, cause we’re close to the ocean.
    The black and bright strings are great! The layout is simple but really effective!

  3. Ha–lucky for you, the weather is changing. Our heat here in Southern Calif. is just getting blazing. And we have about 6 more weeks of that heat to look forward to. I love your sting quilt with the black. I think it’s facinating.

  4. I’ve just caught up on all your posts since I haven’t been able to check in for a while. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the quilts. As usual, you’ve done a spectacular job with your piecing AND quilting. Love the wavy quilting on the butterfly quilt. The Trip Around the World turned out beautiful. I really like the colors.

  5. You know, I almost wonder if it needs the border just to stabilize all those little pieces on the edge. They probably are straight of grain but you never know when they are scraps. I still think that it would be a great place to show off that gorgeous quilting you do.

  6. OK – I give up. I’ve read backwards through your new posts. I’ve followed the “label” back to the first color catcher post in June. I give – what is a color catcher? Looks like the string stuff we’ve been doing and you are calling it by another name. Is that right?

  7. ooough – what a fun looking string quilt. I’ve never seen one where just the sashings are stings! I bet that quilting will POP in the black squares!

    I know you said it would have to sit a while… but perhaps you will pull it out over the winter days ahead and work on it to brighten your day 🙂

    Can’t wait to see! ~Bonnie

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