Reflecting on 2007

Today is the last day of 2007 and it seems fitting that I should reflect back on the past year. (I will limit my reflections to quilting only as this is first a quilting blog.)

I set a goal of completing 12 specific UFO’s in 2007 and listed them on my sidebar so they were public. I completed 7 of those 12 projects that were listed. This has proven not to be the best way for me to work through my UFO list. I like to work on a specific project when the mood moves me. Listing specific projects just adds to my feelings of guilt and seems to further hamper progress so I won’t be listing specific projects for my goals for 2008. However, of the 7 specific projects that were listed by name in 2007, five were gifted to others which is an achievement that I will celebrate. One of those projects was particularly old and was a challenge for me on the most extreme scale–this was the South American Challenge which was a quilt developed from non-traditional quilting fabrics that had significant meaning to my niece and formed part of her wedding gift when she was married this year.

In addition to the quilts I targeted for completion, I also finished 14 other projects in 2007. Five of these projects were also gifted to others.

This brings my total for the year to 21 completed projects of which 10 were gifted to others.

Projects Completed in 2007: 27 (see two lists below)

Top 12 UFOs for 2007:

1. Christmas Nickels~flimsy, quilt, bind
2. Christmas Gratitudes~flimsy, quilt, bind~completed Jan. 27/07 (Given to Aunt Ardelle for Christmas 2007)
3. Double Four Patch~ bind~completed Feb. 7/07
4. Bluework BOM Snowmen Blocks~completed Jan, Feb, Mar, and Apr
5. South American Challenge~flimsy, quilt, bind~completed Aug. 24/07 (Given to Laureen when she got married September 2007)
6. Bricks and Stepping Stones~quilt, bind-completed Mar. 31/07 (Given to Allison when she got married April 14, 2007)
7. Simple Cross~quilt, bind
8. Nine Patch Path~flimsy, quilt, bind-completed Apr. 29/07 (Given to Mom H. for her birthday in May 2007)
9. Christmas Stack’N Whack~quilt, bind
10. BQ Pumpkin #1~bind~completed Oct. 21/07 (Given to Mom P. in October 2007 for no specific reason)
11. BQ Pumpkin #2~quilt, bind~completed Oct. 5/07
12. Snowman Courthouse Steps~flimsy, quilt, bind

Other Finishes for 2007:

1. Wicked Easy~completed March 2
2. Parrot Building Blocks~completed May 11
3. Octagon Halloween Table Topper #2~completed May 15
4. Ladybug Building Blocks~completed May 25
5. Color Catcher Strings #1~completed June 14
6. Frogs Warm Wishes~completed August 15
7. Laurie and Jamie’s Trip Around the World~completed August 24 (Given to Laureen when she got married September 2007)
8. Butterflies Warm Wishes~completed August 30
9. Nine Patch Path Leftovers~completed October 20
10. 4-Patch Stacked Posies – Burgundy Flowers~completed December (Given to Mom P. for Christmas 2007)
11. Snowman Table Runner #1 w/Warm & Natural batting~completed in November
12. Snowman Table Runner #2 w/Thermore batting~ completed in December (Given to Mom P. for Christmas 2007)
13. Poinsettia Table Runner #1~completed in December (Given to Mom P. for Christmas 2007)
14. Snowman Hot Pad to match Snowman table runner~completed in December (Given to Mom P. for Christmas 2007)

I have been working towards reducing my total number of UFOs for some time now. I managed to add only 3 projects to my UFO pile in 2007 and finished a further 12 projects to the flimsy stage. I am definitely moving in the right direction and seem to have taken control of my UFOs for the first time in years. This I am very pleased about!

Projects started in 2007 that remained unfinished in 2007 and have added to the UFO total:

1. Green and Beige Double Four Patch
2. Poppy 4-Patch Stacked Posies
3. Guild block exchange / challenge – The Elements

Projects completed to the flimsy stage in 2007 and remain unquilted:

1. Dryer Sheet Diamond Strings
2. Canada Day
3. The Simple Life Quilt
4. Color Catcher Strings #2
5. Color Catcher Strings #3
6. Shamrock Table Runner (black) #1
7. Shamrock Table Runner (black) #2
8. Shamrock Table Runner (white) #3
9. Shamrock Table Runner (white) #4
10. Snowman Table Runner #3
11. Poinsettia Table Runner #2
12. Pumpkin 4-Patch Stacked Posies

My goals for 2008:

1. To continue to have fun with my quilting! I quilt to explore and express my creative side and quilting must remain fun for me or else it is just another job.

2. To continue working towards eliminating my UFOs, even if they are just moving to the flimsy stage.

3. Continue to make quilts to give as gifts–of course only to those who appreciate my work. There is no point in going through the effort to make something for someone that doesn’t like quilts! That is a waste of my time and effort aside from the costs involved. I have some specific quilts in mind that I want to finish for certain people in 2008–one person in particular who has patiently waited for years for a quilt just, just for them. (Sorry to remain cryptic, but I want to keep the surprise just that–a surprise!)

4. And finally, a commitment that many on this blog ring are making, use from my stash first! Of course, my stash may require “enhancement” from time to time to keep the stash in an overall usable state! Thanks to Hanne for creating this button to remind me of this commitment.