2017_July 23_Woven blocks_17 inches square

At our July guild meeting, one of our members brought a quilt to show and tell that she had made from strips.  Her quilt was 9 blocks in a 3 by 3 setting.  I think she said she made her blocks 18″ square.

I was so inspired from the meeting that I went home and the next day I dug out my bins of cut strips and started making my own version.  My blocks are 17 inches square.  I made them this size because that is the width of my cutting mat and it is so easy to use it to square up the block after piecing.  I decided I wanted more of a rectangular quilt so I went with 12 blocks in a 3 by 4 setting.  I need to decide on what colour to use for my sashing.  I am thinking of a solid grey.

The inspiration for this quilt is a quilt called Woven by Kati Spence that is in a book called Scraps Inc.

I still have plenty of strips left so I am trying to come up with a way to piece the back so that I can use more of my stash of strips.

I realize this was a deviation from working on my UFO’s but I just had to give this one a try.  After all, making these blocks allowed me to work on another one of my goals which is to use up my stash of fabric.

Using up the Green Strips

I am on a mission to use up all of the green fabric strips that are on my fabric shelf.  The first quilt top that I made was, “Candy Coated” a pattern from Sunday Morning Quilts (by Cheryl Arkison and Amanda Jean Nyberg).  download

This quilt top met with a mishap when I tried to trim the left side.  It ended up being narrower than I would like after my attempt at squaring it up.  After agonizing over ideas to make the quilt wider again, I have given up and made the quilt shorter instead.  Now it is back in proportion to its width and is still plenty long enough for a lap at 63″ x 75″.  I will finish squaring it up after it is quilted.

CANDY COATED - 63 in x 75 in

CANDY COATED – 63 in x 75 in

I ended up with many chunks of pieced fabric strips as leftovers after finishing Candy Coated so I came up with a second quilt which alternates the pieced strips from Candy Coated with framed four patches.  This is a “leftover” quilt.  That name doesn’t seem too glamorous, so it has since been renamed “Strings and Cobblestones” by my good friend LindaJ.  I like this name better than Leftovers, so Strings and Cobblestones it is.



I still have leftovers from Strings and Cobblestones so I am working on making “slabs” from the bits.  In years gone by, these types of blocks were called Crumb Blocks or Mile a Minute blocks but now in the Sunday Morning Quilts book, the updated name seems to be “slabs”.  I have made several quilts using this technique over the years and it is the only way i have ever found to ensure that 100% of every last little bit of fabric is used in some way.  After putting together slabs, there are no leftovers!

Green slabs.

Green slabs.


Shhhhhhhh…….someone thinks he is hiding.

Strips, Strings, and Leftovers

I have been busy playing with my bin of strips, strings, and bits again. I love making blocks from that jumble of fabric. This time, I have been making half log cabin blocks. These blocks are rather mindless and low stress. There is no matching of intersections or points, just fun sewing! Once I had a few blocks made, I tried out some layouts on the “design floor”.

This layout was inspired by, “Mumbo Gumbo”.

Linda thought this layout looked a little dimensional–like blocks that are overlapping one another.

This is my favorite layout–on point in a chevron design.

The funny thing about that bin of strips, strings, and leftovers–no matter how many blocks I make, the pile does not seem to go down at all! I swear these things multiply when you aren’t looking!