Seasons Redwork – Winter and Spring

I have two small finishes to report.  These two wall hangings form part of a pattern called, Seasons Redwork that has been designed by Paula Stoddard of Pacific Patchwork.  Back in 2009, these blocks were released by Paula as a BOM on her Quilt Happy, Quilt Often Blog.  Paula’s blog has been discontinued, but the blocks can be purchased from her website:
Paula’s pattern shows all four seasons as part of the same wall hanging.  I preferred to stitch the four seasons individually and frame the blocks with fabric that relates to that season.  My plan is to change out the wall hangings in my kitchen with the seasons.
Each wall hanging finishes at 10.5″ x 26″.
This is Winter:
This is Spring:
And finally because Joey just cracks me up sometimes, this is Joey:
We were watching a nature show on Discovery and he perched himself front and center in front of the screen.  He will often do this during Animal Planet and he makes me laugh every time he does it.