4-Patch Stacked Posies

Today was a bit of a quilt retreat. It was not a retreat where you pack up your stuff and head to a common location as a group of other quilters. In this retreat, a good Internet quilting friend and I decided today was the day we would reward ourselves for sticking to our deadlines and accomplishing our goals. We decided that that after working hard for others we deserved and would take a day to have some fun for ourselves.

We have been looking at a particular pattern on the Internet for some time now–vowing to someday make that quilt for ourselves. Today was that day! Today Linda J and I got out our fabrics and started on our 4-Patch Stacked Posies quilts.

I actually started cutting out my squares last night. I know that with the time difference, LindaJ would have a head start on me in the morning. In hindsight it was a good strategy to get started the evening before as I had to interrupt my quilting in the afternoon to run a few errands and then make supper for my family.

These are my finished 4-patch blocks. I made 24 blocks in all. My fabric was a 13 1/4″ repeat and I cut my squares 3 1/4″ square. My 4-patches are just laying on top of the sashing fabric I intend to use.

This picture is dark, but you can see the fabric yardage I started with on the left. The green fabric at the bottom of the picture is a fabric that I intend to use as cornerstones and an inner border.

Today was fun! I know I will be making many more 4-Patch Stacked Posie quilts in the future!