Stash Busting Efforts

Last Tuesday evening at our quilting group Christmas dinner, one of our members mentioned that there was an upcoming fabric sale at Liquidation World on Saturday. I had other commitments on Saturday so I thought I was safe from the temptation of purchasing more fabric. When I got home from errands and my SIL’s on Saturday there was a phone message on the answering machine from another quilting friend telling me about a fabulous quilt fabric sale at Liquidation World. She mentioned that there was an ad in the paper advertising the sale. I was now at home and I was not interested in going out again. After all, I had lots of fabric and missing this one day sale would help me stay on track to finish existing UFOs and using up existing fabric in my stash.

I did have a peek at the paper though to see just what the ad said. It looked like a one day only sale so I presumed I had missed it.

Then the phone call came this morning–from the quilting friend that had left me the phone message from the previous day. She told me that I really should head over there–there was so much fabric when she was there on Saturday that she was sure they would still have the sale going on.

I phoned Liquidation World only to find out that they were indeed open on Sunday and yes, they still had that fabric sale going on. My daughter and I were headed to town anyway for other errands so we decided we would stop in.

The sale was 70% off everything, so it was easy to adopt fabric! This is what followed me home:

Fat Quarters: 22 black and white, 12 beige, 11 novelties.

Fat Eighths: 6 novelty prints

Cuts of fabric (minimum 1 m cuts): 19 meters of fabric in all.

Included in my fabric cuts were these: a wonderful chicken border print that will go with an existing fat quarter collection from the same line and these two pieces of Laurel Burch cat fabric that will also go with an existing fat quarter collection of the same fabrics.

I also brought home two kits: the first kit is a chenille scarf and the second kit is a cat quilt.

The first item on the left in this picture is a rooster needle punch kit, the second is a pattern from Maple Quilts called, Long Lines, the third item is a pattern to make quilted sweatshirt jackets, and the last pattern is a Christmas Rooster.

The last purchase was a book that I have been wanting some time, One Block Wonders.

So you see, I confess…I did not bust any stash this week, I did not quilt at all this week for myself, and I did not stay away from the temptation of purchasing new fabric. I hope I have time to prepare my defense before the Quilt Police come knocking on my door! LOL

If it helps, my purchases totalled less than my quilting friend’s purchases. VBG