Quilt Guild Block Exchange – The Elements: Earth

Our Quilt Guild has a new challenge–a block exchange. The theme of the block exchange is, “The Elements~Earth, Air, Fire, and Water”.

We were given this fabric as our inspiration.

This fabric is a small (only about 6″ square) piece of batik. The fabric is intended as our inspiration only and is not intended for use in the blocks.

We got together in groups of four. We were to make four 6 inch blocks each month for four months. The first month we were to make four blocks with the theme of, “Earth”. We exchanged the blocks with the other three members of our group last Wednesday at our guild meeting and went home with four different blocks that centered around the theme of, “Earth”~our own block plus a block from each of the other three members of our group.

One of my group members was unable to make it to the meeting so we have not finished exchanging blocks in my group. I will show you a picture of the other three blocks I received once we have completed the exchange. For now, I can show you my block.

I used the colours of the inspiration fabric to decide on the colour of my block and drew from the name of my block to satisfy the “Earth” element. My block is a paper pieced block called, Worlds Without End and is from Quilter’s Cache.

Once we are finished, we will have 16 blocks~all different~that we are to put together into a top and bring back to the last guild meeting of the year for show and tell. This is challenging, but fun all the same!