Pansy Finishes

This post is dedicated to Linda who listens to everything I say and remembers all of it–even all the little boring details! When we were chatting on line tonight, Linda asked if I had posted a picture of my pansy table runner yet. I replied that I hadn’t. I mentioned that I was behind on so many of my posts. Linda suggested I talk about the pansy series of projects that I finished, and the connection to pansies in my family. So Linda, here it goes! *VBG*

Back in May 2008, my aunt, my mother, and I took a girls’ only road trip to Oregon to visit a part of the country that we had a family connection to–somewhere my mother had visited previously with her father. See the post here:

and here:

We did some fabric shopping at Joann’s in Roseburg, Oregon. I fell in love with a fabric collection by Debbie Mumm that featured pansies. Pansies are a flower that links the women in my family. Pansies were a favorite flower of my grandmother, my aunt, my mother, and myself. My grandmother painted pansy pictures for each of us and I always think first of my grandmother when I see pansies.

I recently finished four projects from the pansy fabrics.

The first piece was a table topper that was gifted to my aunt for Christmas this past year.
The second piece in the pansy series was a Disappearing Nine Patch that was gifted to my Mother this past Christmas.
The final two pieces in the series were a lap quilt and table runner for myself.

I am so finished with winter and I am so ready for spring. Rather than put the table runner away until the weather improves and spring actually arrives, I decided to put it out now. It may not be spring outside, but I can make it feel a little like spring inside.

The road trip I mentioned above was where I first met two of the FABs in person–Cher and Pam. So in honor of this meeting, the backing fabric for all of these pieces is purple. After all, purple IS the FAB colour!
These four pieces bring together a lot of symbolism–pansies for the women in my family and the two FAB sisters I met in Oregon that have become such an important part of my extended family, purple to celebrate all five of the FABs which includes those that live in WI and AL, and a wonderful memory of a girls only road trip.

Black and White

Since the weather is not cooperating with plans to drive anywhere, I am staying put inside. Since I am housebound, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and I spent the day quilting.

I have been busy today working on this black and white Bento Box quilt.

I have joined the on-line Black and White Quilting Project . I have always wanted to work with black and white so I have used the opportunity presented by the challenge to work on one of my black and white ideas–the Bento Box.

The plan is to make this quilt lap size. I have a second idea I would like to try in black and white. Once this quilt is a finished flimsy, I will be able to use the left over black and white fabrics and start a second black and white project–a Disappearing Nine Patch (D9P).
I quite often use a website called, Webshots–, as a source of inspiration for future quilt projects. I have seen both a black and white Bento Box and a black and white Disappearing Nine Patch there. All you have to do is go to the Webshots site and type in the name of a quilt pattern, add the word quilt and search. You are often overwhelmed by the number of pictures of that particular quilt pattern that will come up.

Disappearing Nine Patch Quilts

D9P or disappearing nine patch quilts are everywhere on the Internet lately. I now understand why. This pattern is so fast, simple, and effective. I am sure if you make one, you will find yourself making a second, and a third, and…..

This is my first D9P–made from pansy fabric that I purchased in the spring when my Mom, my Aunt, and I headed to Oregon on our road trip. I wasn’t sure how big this was going to end up when I started. In fact I kept making blocks until I ran out of the 1 yard cut of the purple fabric that I bought. This is the second D9P that I made–this one is made from some smaller pieces of Christmas fabrics in my stash. This is a much smaller piece, perfect for a table topper. I didn’t have enough of one print for all four borders so I did two borders out of one of the prints and two borders out of the second print. Both of my quilts are still flimsies and have been added to the “to be quilted” pile.

Tonight was my Monday night quilting group. We meet every Monday night at Leslie’s house. This is the D9P that Leslie made after seeing my purple/pansy D9P two weeks ago. Leslie’s quilt has already been sandwiched for quilting. Leslie loves Thimbleberries fabrics and has made her D9P from Thimbleberries fat quarters.

Leslie liked this pattern so much, she started a second quilt right away.

This is a picture of the blocks for Leslie’s second D9P. This second quilt will be made from Thimbleberries fat quarters as well. Leslie says this one is going to be twice the size of the last one.

This is what the squares look like once they have been rearranged. I just love the dark blue centers on this one.

Wendy has also made a D9P. The night that Wendy brought her quilt for show and tell, I didn’t have my camera.
It is wonderful how quilters can inspire one another. Before you know it we have all taken off like wildfire!