Button Up – Merry Christmas

Linda thought it was time for a reward project on Saturday.  You can always count on me to join in on a fun, quick project.  Linda and I seem to specialize in taking turns leading each other astray.  LOL
So Saturday’s project was Merry Christmas, a cute pattern included in the Button Up Collection from Joined at the Hip (BU #21).  The Button Up quilt series is a group of seasonally inspired 28″ x 48″ quilts that button onto a quilted foundation for easy decorating with the change in seasons. 
Although this is my first Button Up, Linda has completed several already.  I need to button hole stitch around my star and then this will be ready for quilting.  The pattern calls for some paper key tag disks available from stationery supply stores to be made into ornaments and to be stitched on the branches, but I think I will see if I can find some suitable buttons instead.