Matt’s Strings


This flimsy was finished Sept 30, 2013.  I was in need of some sample quilts for a demo I was doing for our guild’s quilt show and so I decided now was the time to quilt this.

I quilted this one with the Circle Lord Swirls design as I think it makes one of the most durable quilts.  The stitching lines are close enough together to provide dense enough quilting to make the quilt durable for multiple washes without such dense quilting as to make it stiff like a board.

Because the blocks were pieced on a muslin foundation, the blocks are heavy.  I know a lot of quilters will leave out the batting on a quilt like this because of the weight.  However, I like the cuddle factor that a batting adds to a quilt.  I used Hobbs Thermore batting in this quilt which was perfect.  Because the batting is 100% polyester and it is super thin, it added minimal extra weight to the quilt.  I found Thermore to be easy to quilt – very unlike some other 100% polyester battings.  I found a short video on YouTube that describes Thermore:

A while ago I told my kids to let me know what quilt tops they liked and would eventually like to have as finished quilts.  This was a top that my son picked out so I have named it, Matt’s Strings.  One day when I have finished using it as a demo quilt, I will gift it to him as he put his name on it.  🙂

This quilt finishes at 54.5″ x 63.5″.

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