Floating Squares

Today was a rainy day–the kind made for quilting.  I spent time this morning surfing the Internet looking for quilt inspiration.  I knew I didn’t want to make a huge project and I knew that I wanted to work with solids.  I came across a video from Missouri Star Quilt Co. showing how to make a quilt called, Floating Squares.  I didn’t have a charm pack of solid squares, but I did come across a nice stack of 6 solids all in the same location in the cupboard.  I am sure they were purchased all at the same time to go with some other print fabrics, but the print fabrics seem to have made their way to some other area of the studio.  They looked great together so a 5″ strip of each solid was donated to the cause for today.

Half Yard Cuts of Solids_June 18, 2016


In this photo, it looks like one of the fabrics is black but it is really navy blue.  The lighting on a rainy cloudy day isn’t the best.

By supper time, the blocks were finished and up on the design wall.  Truth be told, there is more cutting than sewing in this project which makes for a quick and easy project–perfect for today.

2916-June 18_Floating Squares_Blocks on the Design Wall_OptimizedJenny Doan of Missouri Star says that this quilt should finish about 47″ x 56″.

Now on to sewing the blocks together.


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