Zippy Strippy Pouch

Zippy Strippy Bag_Atkinson Designs Pattern_Poppies_2014June15.

Here is my zippy pouch.

We had an exchange at our Guild meeting with another Guild.  I didn’t sign up for the exchange as I wasn’t sure I would be able to meet the deadline. I have wanted to make one of these for a while and after seeing everyone’s wonderful zippy pouches at last week’s guild meeting, I decided to try my hand at making one last weekend.

This is the second pouch I made. Let’s just say, the first pouch was a lesson well learned.  The pattern is Zippy Strippy from Atkinson Designs. I used the fusible batting on the first pouch as per the directions in the pattern. I wasn’t thrilled with the results so I used Warm and Natural batting for the second version and heavily quilted it. I boxed the corners as per the pattern instructions on the first version and I wasn’t happy with the results so the second time I cut out a square on the bottom two corners and then pieced together and got a much better result. It could be that my fusible batting was thicker than that used by Terry Atkinson in her pattern so that may be why I wasn’t happy with the results on the first version.

I am thrilled with version number two! Now I need to make another before I forget all those lessons I learned!

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