A Flimsy, A Milestone Birthday, and A New Hiding Spot

2014_May 5_Reflections_Wedding Gift for Lindsay Verde_Flimsy.

I have been working on this quilt top for a while.  This pattern is called, Random Reflections.  (Refer to my March 1, 2014 post for pattern details.)

I decided that the recipient of this quilt would not want it the length it was in the pattern as that would not provide enough length for wrapping around oneself in the cocoon fashion that my kids like to do with quilts so I added two more rows to the original pattern which made this top finish at 80″ long, rather than 60″ like in the pattern.  Next up will be to get this one quilted as it is needed as a gift for the end of June.

Today was my MIL’s 85th birthday.  Family members took her out for lunch at a local restaurant to celebrate.

Harold's Mom's 85th Birthday_May 5, 2014.

She had some help from the younger crowd to blow out the candles.Harold's Mom's 85th Birthday002_May 5, 2014. And just because it makes me smile….

Joey Under Long Arm Table-OptimizedThis is a picture of Joey’s new hiding spot.  He is not impressed with the flooring renovations that have been happening upstairs.  He used to like to lay on the carpet in the sunshine to soak up the rays.  The carpet has now been replaced by laminate flooring so now he heads downstairs and climbs up on top of the stack of quilts under the long arm to sleep.  I think he thinks he is hiding under there, but the tail sticking out gives him away.  🙂


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