A Day With Ricky Tims

I have my ticket!  I am thrilled and excited to be attending the Ricky Tim’s seminar scheduled for August 8, 2013 near my home.  A local quilt shop is sponsoring this event.

From the website of, A Great Notion:


A Great Notion is Thrilled to Announce . . .

A Day (and Evening!) with Ricky Tims Musician and Contemporary Master Quiltmaker

Ricky Tims has successfully blended two diverse passions into one very unique and interesting career. His skills as a pianist, composer and producer have been evident by the thousands who have heard his music. His success as a quilter is equally significant.

Ricky is known in the international world of quilting as a best-selling author, enthusiastic and encouraging teacher, an award-winning quilter, fabric designer, and a talented and spellbinding speaker. His innovative and entertaining presentations feature live music and humour combined with scholarly insights and wisdom. His quilts have been displayed worldwide and are highly regarded as excellent examples of contemporary quilts with traditional appeal.

Ricky has made quilts that have won numerous international awards. He was recently named as one of The Thirty Most Distinguished Quilters in the World.  In 2009 he was selected (in a three-way tie) by the readers of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine as The Most Influential Person in the Quilting Industry.

Ricky is passionate about quilting, and is delighted to share his experience and enthusiasm with quilters of every level of expertise. He is challenged by creativity in all forms, and encourages individuals to cultivate self-expression, reach for the unreachable, and believe in the impossible.

Ricky is making his first visit to Canada in several years and A Great Notion is thrilled to sponsor him on one of only four stops across the country.

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  1. I know you were hoping that this was going to be possible! Hooray for you and the quilt shop who is sponsoring the event. I met him years and years ago when he was still based in St. Louis and before he was THAT Ricky Timms. I just happened to be back in IL and it was time for my old guild’s quilt show that year.

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