Some People Will Go to Great Lengths to Not Have to Rake Leaves!

Some people will go to great lengths to not have to rake leaves!
Today, my husband decided that the Japanese Maple tree in the front yard had to be trimmed.  The leaves on this tree turn the most beautiful red in the fall of the year.

This is a picture of my husband trimming the branches.  I am sure that tree was crying as the branches fell to the ground!
This photo was taken  November 16, 2008 and shows the beautiful red leaves as they are falling to the ground.
This next picture was taken November 5, 2006.  This picture shows how large the tree had grown and how much of the yard was being overtaken by the tree.
This picture shows our house just after we moved in – November 1988.  You can see the tree to the left of the photo – just a bit bigger than a stick in the ground.  That is our son holding the shovel (ready to help Dad pull out the Spreading Junipers next to the drive way) and our daughter in the stroller.  In the lower right hand corner of the picture are my husband and our faithful German Shepherd cross–Marlo.  Boy, this picture takes me back!

And my favorite picture involving this tree was taken November 2, 2001.  This is my daughter and our German Shepherd–King.  Dana was raking leaves that year and raked them into a heart shape before filling up the bags with leaves.  The heart shape was not so evident in the picture but I remember how distinctive it looked from the front room window.  True love–a girl and her dog!

My husband tells me that the tree will forgive us for the severe pruning and it will recover.  ……I sure hope so!

1 thought on “Some People Will Go to Great Lengths to Not Have to Rake Leaves!

  1. Was the tree sick or just getting too big for the yard or the available space?

    I love the before picture—when the kids and the tree were small and Daddy was a young fella. Good memories for you, DH and the kids!

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