Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

We live in a very small town in  Canada.  Our Canada Day celebrations are proportionate to our population.  This is the parade that marched on our small town’s Main Street.

My husband and I walked uptown on Canada Day to participate in the celebrations.  We enjoyed a piece of this patriotic flag cake that was cut and served by the Mayor and Council members to all who attended the celebrations. 
We are not fans of the heavy traffic that seems to be on the roads on long weekends–everyone seems to be headed out of the valley.  Because of this, we tend to stay close to home on long weekends.  Low key, small town celebrations are just our speed it seems.

2 thoughts on “Canada Day

  1. Ah, now I see what you meant by Canadian flag cake. They must have used a ton of red food coloring to the other sections of the flag sooooo red!

    Glad you all enjoyed your holiday weekend.

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