Bridge Creek Blossoms

Bridge Creek Blossoms is now a finished flimsy!

I was determined to get this top assembled before taking anything down off the design wall. I knew if took the blocks down and put them away, this top would never move out of the UFO stage. This top is huge–finishing at 98 in x 112 in.

Getting the whole top in a picture proved impossible.

This is a closeup of the border fabric. I bought this fabric several years ago because of the Canadian flags. I wanted to make a patriotic quilt, and at that time, it was next to impossible to find fabric with a Canadian flag on it.

Designer: Atkinson Designs –

8 thoughts on “Bridge Creek Blossoms

  1. Gorgeous quilt but I knew it would be from the blocks you had made earlier. The colors used in the blocks played off your flag and bouquet fabrics so well. The dark inner border frames it perfectly.

    In my opinion, THIS is how patriotic fabric should be done. Subtle and not plastered all over the place.

    Well done, my friend on getting to a flimsy. If you are going to quilt this right away, I better put my 2nd half quilt BCB at the top of the pin/quilt list.

  2. Beautiful! That’s me….I have to finish the top before taking it off the design wall. That’s how I’ve worked my UFO’s down over the last several years.

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