New Pattern and an Old UFO

I have been working on a new pattern: Right Angles by Anne Wiens of Sweetgrass Creative Designs. The pattern can be purchased from at

I finished the washing and pressing of the yardage and initial cutting to kit up this project for construction today. Then today after having my morning coffee, I was ready to assemble. Tonight I have a finished flimsy.

In hind sight, I should have used a darker brown to give the design more definition. However, this was the brown I had in my stash. I was determined to shop the stash and not purchase any fabric so IIWII. I have some ideas that I am exploring to extend the snow on the branches in the inner panel out to the borders. I will machine quilt this piece first and then explore the embellishment ideas further. After getting the flimsy done, I dug out a very old UFO. This is my Finn-inspired Christmas Patience Corners. I started this quilt back in 2006 after seeing the Patience Corners quilt that Finn showed on her blog. I have the borders attached to my squares and this much of the top assembled. It should not take much longer to get this one finished to the flimsy stage.

Linda kept me company today as I sewed. Linda completed her flimsy–Prairie Window–on Friday and she is now working on her Christmas Patience Corners quilt. We have both had a chance to play with a new pattern, now it is time to buckle down and get these Christmas Patience Corners quilts finished and on the bed.

5 thoughts on “New Pattern and an Old UFO

  1. I like how your Right Angles turned out and look forward to see what you may do it after it is quilted.

    My Patience Corner has a long way to go before it grows up as big as yours. But I’ll keep plugging. It goes together fairly quickly if you don’t goof off as much as I was today.

  2. Hi Norma, Linda J let me know you two were going to try and get to the end of this particular project and I’m so happy she did. Both tops look just wonderful! I was just over there and saw hers spread out on her bed. Your is lovely!
    It’s fun in that it’s an attractive quilt when you see one, but piecing it makes your mind almost numb I think.LOL, I’m surprised I had the gumption to start a second one, having done the first…LOL
    I think it’s a great use for focus fabric though, and I really am so proud of both you and Linda!! Hugs, Finn

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