Daffodil BQ2

This is a picture of the Daffodil BQ2 quilt that I gave my mother for Christmas. This picture was taken in my parents’ home. It might be cold outside but it feels like spring inside with this bright quilt!

4 thoughts on “Daffodil BQ2

  1. Oh, its gorgeous! I just bought the pattern to showcase a large print with Japanese royalty people on it, and after seeing your mother’s, I know the pattern will work! I love the way the flowers flow across the quilt in diagonal ines

  2. It looks gorgeous on the bed. I bet your mom couldn’t wait to see what this would look like there when she opened the package.

    It also puts things in perspective a bit bigger. Those blocks and that print are BIG when done according to the directions. The few I have made from the pattern I have scaled down for donation quilts—I mean, waaaay down even smaller than the additional size the designer used.

    I can see how a quilt like this can be put together fairly quickly. Well done, Norma!

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