11 thoughts on “Spectacular!

  1. Stunning! I especially love how the red pops with the green of the mountains and the blue sky. I bet this is quite a spectacular sight in person! Thanks so much for sharing. Cindy

  2. Wonderful pictures – ours were just as gorgeous down here this year. We took a quick tour through them this year – usually we take longer and wander about in the fields and get tons of photos. They were at their peek last weekend when we drove through – and it was sunny – a great combination. Some year we’ll have to drive up through your tulip fields too.

  3. Wow! Those are beautiful pictures. I’m not a gardener but I thought that tulips were grown in the Netherlands. I didn’t know they grew them in BC. Tells you how much I know! It must be even more beautiful up close.

  4. Wow! I’m glad that the weather cleared up enough over the weekend that you could get some pictures. Good shot of the mountains too though some of the clouds are still there.

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