Annual Guild We Care Workshop

Last Saturday (March 7), our quilt guild hosted their annual We Care Workshop. Every year our guild rents a hall and members bring their sewing machines, irons, and other supplies for a day of fun sewing together with the objective of making as many charity quilts for our We Care Program as possible.

This year’s quilt was inspired by Julie Higgins’ Square Deal quilt pattern which appeared in the October / November 2008 issue of Quick Quilts magazine. The We Care Committee modified the size and number of the blocks to suit our needs.
You can see the sample quilt in the background of this picture.

As always, the committee had kits all prepared for the workshop participants. All the pieces we needed to start sewing our quilt tops were pre-cut and labeled for us in zip lock bags. The efficiency and organization of our committee members enables us to be more productive, finishing our quilt tops before the end of the day.
I took pictures of the members working on their quilts.

This was one of the first finished flimsies of the day. I missed getting pictures of the rest of the quilt tops.

I finished putting the last stitches in the binding on my quilt early this morning. This is my DD playing the role of quilt hanger so I can snap this picture of my finished quilt. I will be able to turn my quilt in at the next guild meeting on Wednesday night.

4 thoughts on “Annual Guild We Care Workshop

  1. What a wonderful spot for a sewing retreat with plenty of space to spread out and not get in your table-mate’s way.

    I am really impressed with how much work your We Care committee has done to get your kits made up ahead of time. All set to grab and go! The large pieces and simple piecing that any skill level can make. I didn’t see a single color combination that didn’t look lovely together. The will quilt up quickly too.

    I hope that you get a picture of the group holding the finished quilts up around the room? Dana must have filled in as quilt holder today—cute jammies!

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