Raising Funds for Community Services

My husband asked me if I had a finished quilt that I would donate to the silent auction that they are having at his place of work. Proceeds from the sale of the items at the silent auction will go to our local Community Services. We live in a very small town and Community Services doubles as the Food Bank amongst other helping and supporting services for members of our community.

I was planning to make a Christmas quilt, but it seems that lately I have more plans than time to carry them out. Time to move to Plan B. I dug through the trunk that holds some of my finished quilts and found this one. This quilt pre-dates the purchase of my long arm and so it was quilted on my DSM.

This quilt is 40.5″ x 62″ and is made from flannel scraps.

The quilt holder in this picture is my DH. He was careful to hold the quilt over his face. He said it was better that you see just his feet! LOL

The backing on the quilt depicts pictures of antique toys. I wanted a picture of this….
…but I made the mistake of saying, “show me the back” to my DH. Being the funny guy that he is, he did this:

I took advantage of the opportunity and quickly snapped a picture. I don’t think he thought I would be that quick on the shutter.

6 thoughts on “Raising Funds for Community Services

  1. What a sweet, cuddly quilt! When you said you needed one for donation, I was hoping you could find one that you had already finished rather than have to whip up one quickly in this busy, busy time of year.

    That Harold! Show me the back, LOL. He is a funny guy, like mine.

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