What a Haul!

This is what the back of my car looked like after our recent shopping holiday in Bellingham! Don’t we all look pleased with our purchases–my Mom on the left, DD in the middle, and me on the right. My Dad took the picture.

My Dad was impressed with how well I could pack the back of that car–there were no air pockets between items. At the bottom of all that was 6 place settings of my Fiestaware dishes! The deal was so good, my Mom bought 6 place settings for herself too!

8 thoughts on “What a Haul!

  1. That’s a lovely photo to have of 3 generations.

    Thanks for the trip around the quilt show in your recent post. Some Yummy ones there. I especially liked the purple one.

  2. From looks of you car the three of you had a most successful shopping spree!!! Reminds me of when my husband, daughter(28yr.)& I went to Lancaster, PA in March. I did fabric/quilt places and we did the Outlets. DD sat on back seat rest of seat and floor full and the back of our suv full. Her dh and two babies were in awe when we got back and saw it. She some Santa shopping too.

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