NW Washington Fair – Lynden – Quilts – Aug 12

We try to get to the Lynden Fair each year. This year, we decided to make a mini holiday of it and we booked a motel room in Bellingham. We headed south across the border on Monday and spent the entire day shopping.

On Tuesday, we headed to the fair in Lynden. First stop once we were inside the fairgrounds was the quilts.

There were a few gorgeous pieces made from 30’s reproductions.

These leaves looked real!

I think that this shade of purple must be FAB purple! This was a gorgeous Trip Around the World.

This piece was loaded with buttons and beads. It must have been heavy!

This piece was also heavily embellished.

What struck me about these next two bright pieces is that they were so perfectly flat and square!

Christmas redwork.

Redwork Santas.

I hope you enjoyed the quilt show!

4 thoughts on “NW Washington Fair – Lynden – Quilts – Aug 12

  1. We were at the Lynden Fair on Tuesday afternoon/early evening with our daughters and their families. We spent a lot of time looking at the collections and the quilts, of course, but the two grandsons loved the kiddie rides and went on them over and over and over (gotta love those wrist bands). I loved a lot of the same quilts you did. I thought it was a fabulous display – some years in the past they have not been so well displayed, but this year was fantastic.

    Where in BC do you live? We live in Bellingham and get to BC now and then. We spent a long weekend in Chilliwack last April at a lodge (it snowed) and I’ve done a quilt show for the Chilliwack daytime guild.

    Thanks for the lovely pictures!!!

  2. Oh you better believe I enjoyed the quilt show! You lucky girl getting to see them in person. THX for sharing the photos for our enjoyment.

    Hard to pick a favorite among that bunch but I see you spotted the spiderweb, like you want to make among others.

  3. fabulous quilts! thanx for sharing all your fair pictures. i love the Lynden fair and am very sad we didn’t get to go this year! looks like you had a fantastic time

  4. I’m not normally a fan of quilt shows recreated on blogs but these were incredible. I enjoyed each more than the last. Thank you for the time it took to post.

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