This quilt was made from a pattern by Maple Island Quilts, called BQ2:

I started this one on Friday morning and finished it to the flimsy stage on the same day.

The pattern says that borders are not necessary on these quilts, but I am not so sure I agree. Those who know me know that I like to add borders to my quilts. I think borders frame the quilt and corals the blocks. I am undecided whether to add borders to this one or not. If I did add borders, I was thinking of a narrow strip of the black for an inner border and a wider strip of the green as an outer border. I am also trying out a new idea that Pat ( gave me. The flimsy is being held to my garage door by large magnets fastened to the back of large clips. They seem to hold the quilt top just fine. No need to round up quilt holders now (as long as my quilts are not too large!). Also, no more pictures of quilts with hands and feet! LOL

This is a closeup of the gorgeous lily fabric.

9 thoughts on “Borders?

  1. I love your lily fabric and I think I can even work out the construction of the quilt by just looking. Simple but effective!

    If you did put a border, what colour / fabric were you thinking of using?

  2. My first thought was the black and then green. When I read further down, it said that’s what you’re thinking of too, maybe it’s meant to be?

  3. This is a cool quilt. I like your fabric choices. I posted the pattern for the carpenters wheel on my blog. I tried to get to your blog the other day and couldn’t. Must have been a computer glitch.

  4. Myself, I am a BIG fan of a narrow inner border, followed by a 6″ outer border (6″ because that is how wide my favorite ruler is, LOL!). I think it would look great frames. Wonderful pattern for a big print that you love – I am going to look at it some more – I have some dolphin fabric I have had a for a long time that I just never wanted to cut into…

  5. I like the idea of a narrow black and wider outer border. Either green or coral would look great. I have only made one quilt with no border. I like the way the border frames the work.

  6. Oh go ahead–you know you want to, LOL. You probably already have the job done since I am reading this the next day.

    Black and then green should work fine and then bind in black?

    Well done on the top–and wow, is it quick once you start sewing. Gorgeous fabric.

  7. I, too, think the narrow black then wider green would complete the look of the quilt! That was some zoomin’ sewing to finish to in flimsy in one day…wow! I like how the green fabric echoes the pattern in the lily fabric…very pretty. Glad the magnets are working for you! I found the idea on another blog somewhere 🙂

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