Which Came First….the Chicken or the Egg?

I purchased this fried egg fabric some time ago in a local quilt shop. I was not sure what I would make from the fabric, but as a chicken collector, I knew I had to have some of that wonderful egg fabric.

I recently came across the chicken fabric on the left. I knew that this fun chicken fabric would be perfect paired with the fried eggs. I had a lot of fun looking through patterns trying to decide which pattern would best showcase these special fabrics. I came across a quilt on the Internet that reminded me of Quiltmaker’s Warm Wishes quilt pattern. LindaJ reminded me that the quilt was also a lot like Atkinson Designs’ Tile Tango pattern.

I worked backwards from what I wanted to see as a finished size for this quilt. I wanted this quilt to finish approximately 45 to 50 inches square. I drafted the design on scrap paper and figured out how many strips and what size of strips that I needed to cut out of which fabric.

This is the resulting flimsy, Which Came First….the Chicken or the Egg?

9 thoughts on “Which Came First….the Chicken or the Egg?

  1. I love how this quilt finished out. Good use of the focus fabrics and I repeat, that yellow is the perfect shade for this! No such thing as too bright as this is the same shade as those egg yolks.

    I believe that in this case you had the eggs were first–chickens came later in the purchasing area. Well done at any rate!

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