9-Patch Pizzazz FABs Weekend

This is the quilt pattern book that the FABs are going to use this weekend during our Quilt-In. We won’t be making the quilt on the cover of the book (this one is on point). The quilt that we are going to make is called, Lily Pond. Each of us is going to make our own version of Lily Pond or some version very close to this depending on what we come up with on our design walls when we lay the blocks out.

These are my fabrics. The merkitty fabric at the top came from LindaJ. I believe it was LindaJ’s quilt group, the Belles, that were making quilts for one of the charities they support as a challenge project. LindaJ supplied me with some of the challenge fabric so I could play along. I never got to making my quilt, so I am going to use this fabric this weekend. The yellow fabric with the blue stars and white dots on the far right was supplied by Pam. Pam sent all of the FABs a piece of this fabric to use in our quilts this weekend. By coincidence, this fabric matches my merkitties, so I am able to use both challenge fabrics — from different challenges — in my quilt. Once our quilts are finished, we will be donating them to Pam’s M2M project.
There are a few rules for this weekend that we agreed to already:
– It is ok to cut out your quilt pieces and it is ok to sew the strips for the 9 patches…but you may not cut the strips into sets.

– Sewing will start at 8 a.m Saturday. You can choose between central time and pacific time…since we are in 2 time zones

We have sewn together as a group. We use e-mail, digital cameras, and IM to let one another know what we are up to, where we are in the pattern, to answer each other’s questions, and to cheer each other on to the finish line.

A couple members of the group are “keeners” and have already drafted their quilts using their quilt software. My quilt layout is still in my head and will not likely get drafted in a formal way. I plan on cutting out the pieces and using a design wall to decide on final placement.

7 thoughts on “9-Patch Pizzazz FABs Weekend

  1. Those fabrics go perfectly with those cutie Merkitties. Good for you combining the two challenges–worked out well color wise.

    I should be cutting mine out today once I finish about a yard of binding.

    Did I tell you that one of the Belles is paying me to cut out a king quilt for her–if I have any time or energy left I may start cutting through the first of two quilt kits she bought. That way she could start sewing if she wants ahead of time.

  2. OH, and my book finally showed up–just in time so maybe I can avoid doing some of the math for how many blue strips I need, LOL. Didnt have time to do much reading last night.

  3. I’m hoping to cut today but I’m a wee bit tired as I stayed up too late ‘talking’ to Pam…see nabbed me as I was answering e-mails at about 11:00pm and finally went to bed at Midnight! then up at 6:00 am. I like that you are able to use your two challenge fabrics together. See you tomorrow.

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