Busy Times

I haven’t posted in two weeks, but I have been busy working on quilting projects.

After working on my first Convergence quilt with the FABs on March 8th, I decided to make a second Convergence quilt the following day. This is my Sunflower Convergence.

I love the formula of using a large floral print fat quarter and three contrasting fabrics drawn from the colours of the print fabric to make this quilt pattern. I use up what extra floral fabric I have left from the fat quarter on the border and then pull one of the solid fabrics from the center to finish off the border. This is the second Convergence using this method of fabric selection and I just love how it turned out!

I ended up quilting this piece 2 1/2 times. I had it half quilted and I didn’t like the thread so I picked it out, then I fully quilted it and didn’t like the quilting design so I picked it out, then I quilted it for the last time which is the design you see now with the “sun’s ray’s” coming from the upper right hand corner.

Friday, March 14th was my Mother’s birthday. This is the Spring/Easter table center that I finished for her using the Spiral quilt pattern I have shown before.

And this is the Birthday Girl posing with her cake.

Saturday, March 15th was National Quilting Day. Did you know that the third Saturday in March is officially designated as National Quilting Day? Quilters love a celebration – especially when fabric is involved – so over the years, observance of National Quilting Day has unofficially been expanded to the whole month of March! To read more about National Quilting Day, follow this link: http://www.nqaquilts.org/NatQuiltDay.html

I celebrated National Quilting Day by working on my We Care quilt –started during our guild workshop on March 1st. (see earlier post)

This is me with my We Care quilt. My daughter took the picture just before I left for my guild’s monthly meeting on Wednesday night. Look who decided to get in on the picture taking — peeking out from behind the quilt!

I loved the fabric on the back of this quilt–dragonflies!

14 thoughts on “Busy Times

  1. Ah, there is the 2nd convergence quilt! I am sorry that you had so much problem quilting it. Here I was griping out taking out 4 stinking verticals and you did it twice! It looks wonderful and now you have one that is springish themed and one that is summery.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch I’ve go the fabric order in to border mine but it has to wait a few days. Lagging behind as usual, LOL.

    What a fun pattern for the We Care quilts! I know you love that dragonfly fabric because the background is green—the new neutral. You can actually see Joey in better even in this picture than usual even if he peeking out from under the quilt. Maybe he wanted you to lay it down and let him get on it?

    Happy Birthday to your Mom though a few days late. That cake looks delish and the decorations on it goes well with her new table topper. Tulips which are perfect for Easter time and spring too. She likes green too, right?

  2. So glad to see you post – I was going to send out the posse looking for you if you didn’t post soon LOL! Hate the thought of picking out that much quilting – did it once and hope to never do it again. Looks like it was the right thing to do, however, as this is the perfect way to quilt it. It looks like I could feel warmth in my hands if I held them up to those sunflowers – it’s such a bright, warm quilt.

  3. catching up….sorry I am behind but I love th econvergence quilts esp the sunflower one……greast to be able to sew with friends…….
    and the we care(?) quilts were great…..that looks like a great day also……happy birthday to your MUM………

  4. Hi Norma, love the way you used those fabrics. Sounds easy-peasy to choose them that way..and makes a great design. Cake looks yummy…best wishes for a healthy and happy year for Mom. Hugs, Finn

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