Happy New Year!

We spent New Year’s Eve at home with our kids and their friends. Tradition on New Year’s Eve in our house is to eat simple snack like foods including cold cuts, cheeses, dips, chips, etc. and to watch movies. We stay up until we watch the ball fall at midnight in Times Square and then head to bed. A quiet bunch really!

This morning, both my husband and daughter had to work and my son slept in. I was able to start the first day of the new year having my coffee with my on-line friends. We kept the communication lines open and checked with each other as we worked through our chosen projects for the day. We all spent the day quilting and working on projects that we plan to donate to our favorite charitable group(s).

This is the quilt that I worked on today. Over the last couple of days I pieced some of my Color Catcher foundation string blocks into this top. Today, I was able to get it quilted. It is now trimmed and “binding ready”.

I love the bright green border. I think that this bright green is my new favorite colour!

I am thrilled to report that everything used in this quilt was from existing stash. I even pieced the batting from 5 different strips of batting that were leftover trimmings from other projects. (Colette, the batting leftovers from your purple quilt are in this project! Thanks for leaving them behind!) I used up thread leftovers on 6 different bobbins. (It is a pain to keep changing the bobbin so often, but it is worth it to empty the bobbins of all that thread and have them ready for new projects.) The backing was made from 11 different pieces of fabric some of which was left from my garage sale find last summer.

I was concerned about the added thickness of the Color Catchers so I quilted this one with a simple pattern–The Wave. I did not need to be concerned, there were no issues at all with the extra thickness caused by the foundations so I will be a little more adventurous the next time around.

I have many of these blocks left in my box. In fact, I still cannot close the lid on the box as there are enough string blocks left in that box to make at least another 3 quilts! I can see more of these little quilts in my future!

Today could not have been more perfect. I spent the day quilting and chatting with friends. Today was the last day of my holiday and tomorrow it is back to work!

19 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Oh, I adore that bright green! Almost the same color as I painted my sewing room LOL! Definitely a favorite color for sure. Sounds like you have as many of these blocks as I have Crumb Chaos. No way to stop after making only a few!

  2. Happy 2008 Norma!
    Wow, what a great start: “Today could not have been more perfect.” I hope all the days of the year are just as good!
    Hugs ~ Jeanne

  3. Great Quilt!!!!
    I just love that green!
    makes the quilt bright and cheery.
    My youngest daughter has her room painted that color…yes when it was first painted we used to put sunglasses on to go in the room, of course just to tease her.
    Actually it fits her and looks great with everything else.

  4. It looks terrific, Norma and really pops with the bright limey green!

    Didn’t we have fun working and chatting in our online retreat? I can see this becoming a tradition for us.

  5. Norma, I think the lime green is a perfect choice for the border. It makes the whole quilt sing. A very good way to begin the new year! It’s a wonderful quilt.

  6. Happy New Year!! Always enjoy your blog. I too like the border; it’s one of my fav. colours. Look forward to seein you soon. Kathy

  7. It’s wonderful Norma and the waves look nice. I’ve quilted a lot of these with foundations and don’t have problems with the extra layers either.

  8. You are very productive with using up all that stash, I’m impressed. I’d like to do the same this year. Get some of my stash out of the cupboard.
    Lovely green border too.

  9. The green and black really “tame” all those colors! I never realized it before until I looked over photos of several of my quilts, but I often use bright orange and navy blue for the same reasons! Well done using your strings – surely this quilt will be much more treasured than a tote of scraps!



  10. This quilt is absolutely beautiful (i’ve seen the finished product a post or two later)! You are welcome for the batting; heaven only knows what I would have done with it. I’m still thrilled to have completed my 3 quilts, and thought that it was a good way to complete the year.

    Happy new year to you and the family. I think that this may also be yet another productive year. I expect to be back to blogging very soon.

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