Thimble Collection

I collect thimbles. A friend dropped by to bring me two thimbles that she bought on her recent trip to Korea and China. The thimble on the left with the flower is made from a felt like material and is from Korea. The metal thimble on the right is from China. Thank you Wendy, these are perfect additions to my collection!

My husband made me this holder for my thimbles. I now have a safe and secure place to display my thimble collection in my studio. Safe and secure from what you ask? Safe from Joey who was amused by playing with my thimbles in the middle of the night when they were on the bookshelf in the living room. My thimbles are now out of reach of Joey the cat!

6 thoughts on “Thimble Collection

  1. That’s a wonderful display unit for your thimbles. Your DH did a terrific job of making it for you. The new thimbles are a nice addition to your collection.

  2. What a wonderful display of thimbles! The only one I have is the plain metal one that came as a part of a sewing kit!

    Thanks for sharing the pics from the quilt show. I liked the winter scene from the leaf challenge the best.

  3. I have a thimble collection too, I guess. I’ve got a thimble from the 2002 Olympics and one from Santa Catalina Island. That’s the whole thing. Except for the assorted sewing kind. But your collection looks so beautiful.

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