Quilt Guild – We Care Quilts

Last Wednesday night was our regular monthly quilt guild meeting. We have an ongoing quilt charity program throughout the year where guild members make and donate quilts to our guild who in turn donates the quilts to local women’s shelters, local hospitals–both the cancer ward and maternity wards, RCMP Victim Services, and local Seniors’ homes to name just a few.

We had 29 quilts handed in on Wednesday evening. After the regular show and share portion of the evening, we have volunteers come forward and grab one of the We Care quilts donated that evening and stand side by side to show off the quilts to the rest of the membership. Our 29 quilts managed to circle the room completely. I was not able to get a picture of the group all at once, but i did wonder what the view would have been from the ceiling–looking down at that fabulous train of quilts that circled the room.

5 thoughts on “Quilt Guild – We Care Quilts

  1. some really terrific quilts Norma! I love seeing that kind of a quilt show…it’s the best. how wonderful that you have such caring and giving guild members!

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