Fall is Here!

Fall is definitely here! Some days, I think we have moved past fall and into winter. This was what we woke up to Thursday morning. That snow is awfully close!

These pictures were taken from the deck of my parents’ house.

I love to decorate for the changing seasons. This year, I have included the entrance in my decorating. This is the front door of our house.

A wreath in fall colours.
A mum to welcome visitors.

Before we go inside, there are a few plants still thriving outside that I want to show you. Soon the cool evening temperatures will force the end of these plants, but for now they are here to enjoy. I am not sure what this plant was called, but I just love it. I will be sure to plant this in my hanging baskets again next year.

This is my husband’s Castor bean plant. He brought it home in a small 4″ pot at the beginning of August. It is extremely fast growing. Since they aren’t hardy in our climate, we will have to plant one again next spring.

The flower / seed pod.
Once inside, there are two quilts hanging in the entrance. This is “Moonlight over the Pumpkin Patch”. This is a quilt that was just finished last weekend. Finishing this one allows me to cross another UFO off my list on my sidebar for this year. The quilt pattern was BQ. I started this quilt over a year ago. I first saw a quilt made from this pattern at the Lynden fair. Although it is a simple pattern, I was distracted and didn’t finish until now.

Does the pumpkin fabric look familiar? I used what was left over from this project to make the latest 4 patch stacked posies quilt that I have been working on.

This is a quilt that I bring out to the living room each fall for snuggling under while watching TV.

This quilt made from the Warm Wishes pattern is hanging in my dining room.

A closeup of the fabric and clam shell quilting with variegated thread.

And this quilt is on the table.

25 thoughts on “Fall is Here!

  1. It looks like fall inside and out at your place, Norma. Snow, already? It is acting like August down here. I see the chicken hiding in the plant!

    Bet you are busy this weekend with your Thanksgiving coming up–Monday, right?

    I don’t remember seeing that 4 patch strippie on your blog before. Very pretty! Does everyone “fight” over who gets to cover up with it? The punkin 4 patch posie must not be quite redy for hanging but good for you getting the BQ one done just in time for the season.

  2. That snow does look awfully close!! The potted mum that is outside the door is just beautiful!! And such a beautiful colour. It certainly looks like you are ready for fall with all the quilts around. I remember your posts about last Christmas and New Years. It is hard to believe that another Christmas is almost here!!

  3. Very nice. I like you house especially in the fall. I thought that fabric looked familiar. I certainly like it. I think I would have bought much yardage of that fabric. Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

  4. Hi Norma, love the autumny look of all those gorgeous quilts! What a nice body of work to put out for the upcoming holiday..VBS*
    I especially love the new 4 patch stacked posie made with stacked pumpkins! It’s a great pattern and that fabric really works well.
    I’ve never seen a castor bean plant before..hard to believe it’s only 2 months of growth!!! It could be a Beanstalk for Jack to climb by spring! Love seeing Joey doing the quilt layout approval. Hugs, Finn

  5. Thanks for the “fall tour”! Love the new quilt. Congrats on getting another old one finished. Loved the snow on the mountains – as long as it stays on the mountains now it’s OK, right? Your mums are just beautiful. I’m enjoying seeing everyone’s decorations so much. Thanks to my shoulder we are still looking at summer red, white and blue. Fall probably won’t come out at our house this year. 🙁

  6. I am very impressed with your fall decor. The snow on the mountains looks scarily close. Yikes. As we drove home from Virden in the rain yesterday we came across as short stretch that was white! Was it snow or hail? Either way, it was a wakeup call. I better get the carrots and potatoes out of the garden!

  7. That’s great bright decorating. Your door looks very inviting.

    The plant in your hanging basket looks like a Kumara vine/ plant ( sweet potato ).

    The Castor bean plant is very poisonous so be careful.

  8. wow! snow already! I’m ready for cooler weather-it’s been HOT here, way unusual for this time of year. Loved all your fall decorations and especially loved your 4 stacked Posies with the pumpkin fabric–it looks REALLY good! and the strippy one was awesome too. Well, they all are great, thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks for inviting us into your home. Your decorations are lovely…such beautiful quilts!!!

    Your snowcapped mountains look awesome. You’ll have to check out the pictures that I posted of “my” mountain.

  10. Snow?! Yikes! Thanks for the tour of your quilts and your garden. Everything looks beautiful. It looks like a wonderful inviting place to live and visit. Your four patch posies look great too – I really must get to working on finishing mine. It is such a wonderful technique.

  11. Aren’t those sweet potato vines with their bright lime green colour the best for garden containers? I have lots of them in mine and they really bring colour to a shady area. Your quilts are lovely and so perfect for this time of year. We’ve been enjoying Indian Summer days out this way but seeing your snow reminds me to start bringing in some plants.

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