Parrot Building Blocks – Quilted

It was a lot of work–a lot of stopping and starting–but it is finally quilted! This is my parrot Building Blocks Quilt (pattern from Debbie Mumm’s website).

This quilt was quilted with individual spirals down the center, overlapping spirals surrounding the center, and crosshatching from the spirals to the edge.

This quilt just needs the binding and it is finished!

19 thoughts on “Parrot Building Blocks – Quilted

  1. This is a really cute quilt! I just ordered the spiral Quilt EZ template for my longarm. Can’t wait to try it – it has a nice effect on the quilt!

  2. The quilt is just great – and so is the quilting. Love the parrots.

    I find that if I download the picture to blogger — and then move it to another spot in the post it will no longer be clickable – you know when you get the little box around the picture and move it. But if I just leave it where it is — although I can press enter to make spaces around the picture – then it will still be clickable. Does that make sense?

  3. WOW. I love those colors and the quilting really makes it. The border fabric is perfect too. It’s one of those quilts I can stare at for a long time.

    I’m another who is collecting dryer sheets and sewing strips 🙂

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